COVIWD: COVID-19 Wikidata Dashboard

Fariz Darari


COVID-19 (short for coronavirus disease 2019) is an emerging infectious disease that has had a tremendous impact on our daily lives. Globally, there have been over 95 million cases of COVID-19 and 2 million deaths across 191 countries and regions. The rapid spread and severity of COVID-19 call for a monitoring dashboard that can be developed quickly in an adaptable manner. Wikidata is a free, collaborative knowledge graph, collecting structured data about various themes, including that of COVID-19. We present COVIWD, a COVID-19 Wikidata dashboard, which provides a one-stop information/visualization service for topics related to COVID-19, ranging from symptoms and risk factors to comparison of cases and deaths among countries. The dashboard is one of the first that leverages open knowledge graph technologies, namely, RDF (for data modeling) and SPARQL (for querying), to give a live, concise snapshot of the COVID-19 pandemic. The use of both RDF and SPARQL enables rapid and flexible application development. COVIWD is available at


COVID-19; Wikidata; Dashboard; Data Visualization

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