Improving IT Assets Management with ITIL 4 Framework

  • Andro Harjanto University of Indonesia
  • Rizal Fathoni Aji Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia


IT Asset Management (ITAM) is crucial for organizations as it enables efficient utilization of IT resources, cost reduction, and risk mitigation. Horangi, a startup company, recognizes the importance of asset optimization and aims to enhance its ITAM service. To achieve this, researcher conducts research to identify a suitable framework as a solid foundation. ITIL 4, a widely adopted IT service management framework, is chosen, along with the Continual Service Improvement and Service Value Chain models. These models provide guidelines and recommendations to identify weaknesses and improve current processes while enabling continuous improvement in response to the dynamic IT landscape. The research employs a qualitative approach, utilizing in-depth interviews, document research, and the ITIL 4 guidebook. The study aims to provide recommendations and a foundation for developing guidelines and workflows in ITAM within the company. However, a limitation of this research is not much research related to ITIL 4 in ITAM area and cannot proceed until the implementation of recommendations due to funding constraints and approval processes. To overcome this limitation, it is suggested that future research includes the implementation process to obtain more optimal evaluation results.

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Harjanto, A., & Aji, R. F. (2024). Improving IT Assets Management with ITIL 4 Framework. Jurnal Ilmu Komputer Dan Informasi, 17(2), 127-143.