Shared Memory Architecture for Simulating Sediment-Fluid Flow by OpenMP

Keywords: SWE, Exner, Splitting, Analytical, Parallelization


Simulation of fluid flow using Shallow water equations (SWE) and sediment movement below it using Exner equation is given. Both of the equations will be combined using splitting technique, in which SWE would be computed using Harten-Lax-van Leer and Einfeldt (HLLE) numerical flux, then Exner would be computed semi-implicitly. This paper elaborates the steps of constructing SWE-Exner model. To show the agreement of the scheme, two problems will be elaborated: (1) comparison between analytical solution and numerical solution, and (2) parallelism using OpenMP for Transcritical over a granular bump. The first problem is going to tell the discrete $L^{1}$-, $L^{2}$-, and $L^{\infty}$-norm error of the scheme, and the second one will show the simulation result, speedup, and efficiency of the scheme, which is around $56.44\%$.